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Steps to Enable Script Debugging for Dynamics CRM Outlook Client in Visual Studio

We can debug the Script used in Outlook using Visual Studio. For this, we just need to change some settings in the “Advance setting” section of Internet Explorer. In this blog, we will show how to enable Script Debugging using the Visual studio. For this, we have developed the sample code. So, here we have added… Read More »

Access Web Resources from Dynamics CRM tablet and mobile apps

The re-imagined Tablet and mobile client for Dynamics CRM had been a great step forward in BYOD philosophy of Microsoft. However these clients were locked for any kind of customizations directly on the client app. With the latest updates in Dynamics CRM 2016, it is now possible to choose the layout/sections that you would like… Read More »

Make Cross Domain Web Service Request through Client Side Scripting in Dynamics CRM

To perform CRUD operations with CRM data at client side we use ODATA and SOAP services of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We use XMLHttpRequest to send request to these services to get the response. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides below WCF services that we used to manipulate CRM data, Organization Data Service – Protocol:  OData (REST) http://<server>/XRMServices/2011/OrganizationData.svc/… Read More »

Re-imagined Phone & Tablet Client for Dynamics CRM Online

Introduction One of the USP of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that differentiates it from other CRM applications available in the market is BYOD – CRM Anywhere. Dynamics CRM as of today supports the following client Web Client ( All major browsers IE/Edge, Chrome, FireFox, Safari) Outlook Client – Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook so that you… Read More »

System Customizer role does not allow modifying Web Resources in Dynamics CRM 2013

Introduction: Recently, we came across a situation where we were only assigned System Customizer Role in a client environment to give dev access to the organization customizations. It was our understanding all along that System Customizer role is provided to developers for customizing the system and System Administrator being the other role that provided complete… Read More »

How to pass Object or collection of Objects to a web resource in CRM 2011

In Dynamics CRM if we want to pass data to a web resource, then we use Xrm.Utility.openWebResourcefunction and pass as second parameter. But in this case we can’t pass Object or Array as parameter.  So to solve this problem one can use JSON. Using JSON we can convert Object or Collection of Object (Array) in… Read More »