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Working with Report Pre-Filtering for related entities using Fetch XML

Introduction: Pre-filtering is one of the most important and useful features of reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Pre-filtering allows filtering of the report data using the Advance Find functionality and enables users to create context-sensitive reports and return more relevant data. Pre-filtering passes the set of selected record or a specific record (such as Quote)… Read More »

Error Upgrading CRM 2011 On-Premises to CRM 2013 On-Premises

We were upgrading Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premises to CRM 2013 On-Premises. As every CRM developer would be aware that CRM upgrades are never a smooth sailing ride. We stumbled upon an error while importing organization in Deployment Manager. The error we came across was, Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint ‘UQ_LocalizedLabelCheck’. Cannot insert duplicate key in… Read More »

Converting Date/Time based on user timezone in SSRS reports for Dynamics CRM Online

Converting Date/Time values according to a timezone is quite easy in languages like javascript, C#, etc. but achieving this in SSRS reports is a challenging task. For CRM online we can achieve this using CRM parameter in SSRS reports. We have covered a work around to achieve this functionality in SSRS reports for CRM online.… Read More »

How to pass Object or collection of Objects to a web resource in CRM 2011

In Dynamics CRM if we want to pass data to a web resource, then we use Xrm.Utility.openWebResourcefunction and pass as second parameter. But in this case we can’t pass Object or Array as parameter.  So to solve this problem one can use JSON. Using JSON we can convert Object or Collection of Object (Array) in… Read More »

Check attribute type/formats in CRM 2011 javascript.

Now we can check the attribute formats in CRM java script. To do this you just need to use the function “getFormat”. This function returns a string value that represents formatting options for the attribute. You can refer the below code to check the format of different types of attributes. functionGetFormatOfAttributes() {     var attributeFormat;… Read More »

How to convert the DateTime in Local and UTC Date Time format

While working with the plug-ins or with Custom Workflows Assemblies, we get the Datetime from CRM which doesn’t match with user’s Local DateTime format. As we get the date from the CRM in UTC Format so we can convert it to User’s Local DateTime using LocalTimeFromUtcTimeRequest Request. To get the Current logged in user’s Local… Read More »

How to show List Box Items Horizontally in CRM 2011 using Silverlight

As we know default List box shows list of items in vertical Format. We need to scroll down to view all Items. If you want to show Items horizontally with the horizontal Scrollbar then it can be done with the following way: 1)      You need to first setup in XAML Design. should contain to where… Read More »

More to maximizing real estate entity forms

In extension to one of our previous blog, this blog would add more to maximize the real estate on entity forms as well. If you want to hide the left navigation pane from any of entity form as shown in below screenshot follow below mentioned steps: 1. Click the Form Properties of respective entity form… Read More »

Problem Importing UR12 customizations with Web Resources added in a Pre-UR12 environment

With UR12 Microsoft included new fields and dependencies that prevents us from importing a solution exported out of a UR12/Polaris environment to a Pre-UR12 organization. To resolve CRM Team now ships the Down-level utility along with the latest version of the CRM SDK. We however came across an issue that was apparently not detected by… Read More »

Looking for more real estate on Dynamics CRM page

This articles shows various ways in which you can increase the space on Microsoft Dynamics CRM home page.  Hide the Get Started Pane from the home page We always see Get started pane above each view as shown below. If user wishes to disable/hide this pane by default then it can be done, follow below… Read More »

Show different Header/Footer on different pages of SSRS report

Sometimes, there are requirements to show different Header/ Footer on different pages of the report. Like say, on the first page, header/ footer of report should be some text and on the second page it should be some different text. Please refer below screenshots. First Page Footer Second Page Footer This can be achieved using the… Read More »

iPad Sales Experience for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online

Now we can access Dynamic CRM online on an iPad in a supported manner. This means that iPad experience only supports the new look & feel of the updated Polaris forms. Now existing CRM online user turns this on by installing product updates. For new customers in CRM Online, this functionality will be enabled by… Read More »

Issue regarding service activities resolved in UR 12

A while ago, we had requirement of sending an email to the users to whom service activity is scheduled. We had created a workflow which would send an email to the resources whenever they have be scheduled in for a service activity. The workflow was supposed to be triggered on create of service activity and… Read More »

Use ExecuteMultipleRequest for performance improvement in bulk data load and other operations

 A new request called ExecuteMultipleRequest has been added to the Update rollup 12 for the Bulk Data Load. Using this request, multiple request can be executed with the single server call. The main advantage of this request is that it will definitely improve the performance since in one round trip to the server, it actually… Read More »

Supported ways of accessing URL addressable Forms/Reports Scripts.

While using CRM there may be conditions in which user wants to open forms and reports programmatically. For this we can write the scripts which will open the forms and reports. Open CRM forms using script: The form can be open using openEntityForm(); method.           Syntax :  Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm(name,id,parameter);   Parameters :   Ø  name: (Required… Read More »

Add mapping for custom attribute of Order product to Invoice product

To map custom attributes of Opportunity Product to Quote Product, Quote product to Order Product and Order product to Invoice product CRM does not provide direct access to the “Mapping” page. To get the mapping page, you need to follow below steps. Below are the steps to set the mapping of Order product and Invoice… Read More »

Display more than 2000 characters in SSRS report

We would like to share one of our experiences with SSRS reports. One of the reports we were building required displaying of notes that could hold more than 2000 characters.     Including a text box worked fine for most of the records but we observed that the ones that had more than 2000 characters… Read More »

Developer Toolkit: "No Organization has been specified" error.

    You may come across the following error when you try to open a project that was created using Developer toolkit   To resolve this problem you need to delete *.SUO(VS Solution User Option) file from Visual Studio Project folder. (These file records all of the options that you might associate with your solution… Read More »

Import attachments using OOB Import Wizard in Dynamics CRM 2011

As we all know that the there is no separate entity for the attachments in Dynamics CRM 2011. We can add the attachments into the Note (annotation) entity. But in order to import Notes and attachments in the CRM 2011, it is essential that you must have the separate files for them. For importing Notes… Read More »