Show different Header/Footer on different pages of SSRS report

By | March 20, 2013
Sometimes, there are requirements to show different Header/ Footer on different pages of the report.

Like say, on the first page, header/ footer of report should be some text and on the second page it should be some different text. Please refer below screenshots.

First Page Footer
Second Page Footer
This can be achieved using the solution as described below:
You need to write a simple expression on the textbox control which is placed on the footer. Here you can utilize expression “Globals!PageNumber” which is used to show page numbers. This expression returns the page number, and we can alter this to show different footer on different pages.
You need to write following expression on the textbox control.

=IIf(cstr(Globals!PageNumber)=“1”,“1111-XYZ (2012/12)      © ABC Sol, 2012”,“1111-XYZ (2012/12)”)
If the report page is the first page, then this expression would set the specified text else it would display alternate text.
General Syntax
=IIF(cstr(Globals!PageNumber)=””,” ” , ” ”)
Similarly, you can use this expression to show different header on different pages as well.
Hope this article helps!