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Fixed – “You Need Microsoft Dynamics 365 License To Continue” Error While Reactivating Workflow

Introduction: Recently, while working we tried to make changes to an old workflow. Where we deactivated that workflow and then again activated the same workflow after making some changes, but we faced an error saying “You need Microsoft Dynamics 365 license to continue”. As we were working with System administrator Role and that user also… Read More »

Plug-in Tracing in Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1

Before CRM 2015 SP1 update, an alternative option to debug the Plug-in or Workflow for developers was to use tracing messages which would help to trace the program using custom messages. The developer had to manually throw an exception in order to trace the program. And then when the plug in/workflow is triggered a dialog is… Read More »

A Tip while Working with Field Level Security

Recently we came across a situation. We had a workflow in which we used a field which had field level security enabled on it. There was a custom field called “Credit Amount” that existed on the Account and had a field security enabled on it. The workflow in which we were using this field checked… Read More »

Using “PreEntityImage” and “PostEntityImage” in Workflows

As we all know that we can always read Pre image and Post image in the plug-in for various purpose. However, in workflow, we may sometimes want to read Pre Image for some purpose. Now we can also read Pre Images and Post Images in the workflow using Execution Context. It uses the same Plug-in… Read More »