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A Tip while Working with Field Level Security

Recently we came across a situation. We had a workflow in which we used a field which had field level security enabled on it. There was a custom field called “Credit Amount” that existed on the Account and had a field security enabled on it. The workflow in which we were using this field checked… Read More »

Business Rule Updates in Dynamics CRM 2015

Introduction: Microsoft introduced Business Rules in CRM 2013 to provide custom business logic through a simple UI and to eliminate the need to write scripts. However there were some limitations, Business rules in CRM 2013 execute only Client Side. Has no if…else if…else support hence need to develop multiple rules to express rich business logic.… Read More »

Sub-grid Add Action Behavior in Dynamics CRM

Introduction: Since the new refresh forms, we now see sub grids added on the form by default instead of the left navigation links to see the related records. The + (add) button on the sub-grid however appears to work differently for the Case Sub-grid and the Contacts grid on the Account form. So when do… Read More »