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Querying More than 5000 records in Dynamics CRM

Introduction: There are multiple ways provided in Dynamics CRM SDK to query and read data like Using ODATA Using FetchXML Using Query object ODATA has a limitation where it can return only 50 records at a time. You can ofcourse query more than that but it would be in batches of 50 records at a… Read More »

Inogic’s Top 10 Most Popular Dynamics CRM Blogs of 2014

This blog in the beginning of New Year brings you the Top 10 interesting and useful blogs posted by us during the year 2014. This article consists of content from blogs that belong to CRM 2013 and which have been the most visited, re-tweeted and commented blogs of Inogic. Hope these set of blogs are resourceful and help you some way… Read More »

A Tip while Working with Field Level Security

Recently we came across a situation. We had a workflow in which we used a field which had field level security enabled on it. There was a custom field called “Credit Amount” that existed on the Account and had a field security enabled on it. The workflow in which we were using this field checked… Read More »

Case Enhancements in Dynamics CRM 2013 ‘LEO’ release

Finally, the most awaited Spring ‘14/SP1 update has been rolled out. It has brought along with it many new features and changes. The majority of the changes were observed in the Service Module. Here we talk about the 2 new features introduced in Cases: 1. Parent-Child Case 2. Merge Case Parent-Child Case: This could be… Read More »