Inogic’s Top 10 Most Popular Dynamics CRM Blogs of 2014

By | February 4, 2015

This blog in the beginning of New Year brings you the Top 10 interesting and useful blogs posted by us during the year 2014. This article consists of content from blogs that belong to CRM 2013 and which have been the most visited, re-tweeted and commented blogs of Inogic. Hope these set of blogs are resourceful and help you some way or the other.

Data Encryption in CRM 2013

This blog talks about data security with respect to Dynamics CRM. As we are storing all our data in CRM, we need to keep our sensitive data in Encrypted format for the security reasons. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 uses standard Microsoft SQL Server cell level encryption for a set of default entity attributes that contain sensitive information, such as user names and email passwords.

How to change the Port of ADFS 3.0 (Windows server 2012 R2) to 444

While configuring IFD with the setup being ADFS and CRM installed in same server i.e. Windows server 2012 R2, ADFS 3.0 on Windows server 2012 R2 does not depend on IIS. So in that case, as ADFS port cannot be changed we used to change CRM (https) port to 444. As a result of which the users need to browse CRM IFD URL as Hence this blog talks about how we can still achieve this in ADFS 3.0 and there would not be any more need to append the port in IFD URL which browsing CRM.

Using Ctrl + S to Save the HTML Webresource Content

Everyone might have wished that it would any day be possible to achieve the same behavior of Ctrl + S that we get on CRM pages, on the HTML web resource that we use in CRM. So that data entered in custom grids can be directly saved through form save. This blog has the solution to achieve this.

Unable to Configure Dynamics CRM Outlook Client for Org Configured for IFD Access

This blog brings you various solutions for the issues that come up after configuring IFD such as issues while connecting outlook client or issues while connecting plug-in registration tool.

How Security Role Privileges are Inherited from Team to User

Usually security privileges inherited from team to user are judged differently and so this blog explains the intricacy in more detail with examples so the team to user inheritance of privileges is clearly unfolded.

ILMerge Issues

A lot of times when we develop plug-ins and workflows, we are in need of adding multiple assemblies (.dll) into our main solution. This blog illustrates the method and commands that can be used to merge needed assemblies in one and use in our solution.

How to handle Special Characters in Fetch XML

This is a rare situation where a special character was noticed while designing fetch xml query and we got stuck at that point, so this blog talks about the solution that we had used and can be very helpful.

Using Indicators in SSRS Reports

This article is also based on a very interesting topic which can be used in SSRS reports to enhance the quality and overview of the reports and i.e. “Indicators”.

Indicators are the icons that can be used to provide special effects like directions, symbols, ratings etc. on the reports.

Troubleshooting Certificate Error while configuring Claims-Based Authentication

When we configure Claims-Based Authentication in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Deployment Manager, we may receive the following error.  “The encryption certificate………does not exist in the local computer certificate store

So this blog has the solution for this error.

How to show Filtered Lookup Dialog in Dynamics CRM through Script

This blog describes a solution that we had come up for this requirement wherein we were supposed to show a Filtered Custom Lookup on form load. By Filtered Custom Lookup, it meant that we were supposed to show a Lookup dialog similar to CRM Filtered lookup (Filtered Lookup value changes on the basis of other Lookup on which it is dependent) dialog. The lookup has to be filtered on the basis of a value in the lookup field which was there on the form.

So there you go! The best of the best from the Inogic Team. Hope you find these articles useful and we would make sure we keep posting such informative articles to add to the community.