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Workflow Automation in Dynamics 365 CRM: Triggering Actions on Email Send and Receive Events

Introduction Recently, we were working on a customer requirement that required us to handle two specific scenarios: creating a phone call activity when an email is sent and creating an appointment upon receiving an email. We tried two approaches to meet this requirement. The first approach was to create a single workflow called “SendReceivedEmail” that… Read More »

Increase productivity of CRM users by using Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent

Introduction In our previous blog, we illustrated how we can use Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent to create Chatbot for the customers. In this blog, we will see how we can use Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for employees of the organization or the CRM users. We can allow the CRM users to use Chatbot to perform… Read More »

Call a workflow on Stage Exit of a last stage in business process flow of Dynamics 365 CE

Introduction As Dynamics 365 CRM’s native feature, we can call on-demand workflows from inside a business process flow. We can configure this from the new business process flow designer, by dragging a workflow component to a process stage, or to the Global Workflows section. As you know, we have written a blog on global workflow… Read More »

Working with Workflow and Workflow Assembly Output Parameters

Introduction: Using the OOB Workflow, you can use values that are only accessible under the Workflow context to perform operations. If you want to use values that are not under the context of the Workflow or not related to the entity record for which the Workflow is going be executed, then you will need to write a custom assembly… Read More »

Validating BPF Fields to Restrict Stages through OOB Workflow in Dynamics 365

Introduction: Recently we had business requirement where user should be restricted in moving to the next stage in Business Process Flow if custom field contains value less the 4. We achieved this using OOB workflow by following simple steps instead of writing custom code in JavaScript. Following are the steps to achieve this functionality through… Read More »

Fixed – AADSTS90100: Invalid request. The Accept request parameter value ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ is invalid

The introduction of Representational State Transfer (REST) service has allowed us to remotely interact with SharePoint data and perform basic operations like Create, Delete, Read and Update on SharePoint folders and files. When we use REST, we don’t need to add any references to libraries or client assemblies in SharePoint. In one of our earlier… Read More »