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Entitlements in Dynamics CRM 2013 Spring release

Introduction: Entitlements is a new concept introduced in CRM 2013 Spring release and it is the same concept of Contracts with advanced capabilities which were not available in Contract and had limitation in the past. It supports Allocation Types of Cases and Hours. You have the entitlement validity dates within which the entitlements are applicable.… Read More »

Queue Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics CRM ‘LEO’ release – Part 2

Further to our earlier blog in which talked about Public/Private Queues in brief with some UI changes in them, this blog will walk you through the features such as how to route queued Item, how to Assign, Pick, and Release features of Queue and important points to be taken note of. Read more: Queue Enhancements in… Read More »

Queue Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics CRM ‘LEO’ release – Part 1

In Dynamics CRM 2013 ‘LEO’ release Queues are further enhanced to now support Public and Private Queues. Through this blog post we will review the enhanced feature of Queue in general. Introduction of Private Queue would help user’s focus on their cases and resolve at better rate. Only those users who are members of a… Read More »

Routing Rules to Automate Case Routing in Dynamics CRM 2013

In the earlier versions of Dynamics CRM we had the option of setting routing through the entity settings shown below: The entity could only be routed to default queue of the owner of the record when record is created or assigned. For any other conditional routing, custom development was the way to go. Now with… Read More »