Locational Intelligence Simplified: Unpacking latest enhancements in Maps integration within Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps December 2020 release!

By | February 1, 2021

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”On that note, it’s time to welcome another step towards excellence with the latest Maplytics December 2020 release!

In this webinar, we will navigate the latest enhancements made to the most popular features of Maplytics – Auto Scheduling, Territory Management, PCF controls, and more!

Wondering what this webinar will cover?

Following are the highlights:

Enhanced Detail Map Control: Performing Maplytics features without switching screens.

Advanced Auto-Scheduling: Creating optimized schedules for multiple users at once.

Automated Territory Creation: Creating balanced sales and service territories automatically.

Associate Records: Associate required records with multiple records plotted on a map.

Set Regarding: Set the required records as regarding while sending bulk emails.

What makes this opportunity golden is the rare chance to directly interact with our solution expert to address any query, doubt, or follow up questions that you may have for your particular organizational challenges!

So if you are someone who knows the perfect moment to seize great opportunities, head over to the below webinar link for your free registration:

Advanced Territory Management, Auto Scheduling & PCF Controls To Redefine Your Field And Market Presence!

February 3, 2021 – 11 AM EST

We understand that all of you might not be available to attend the live webinar; therefore we make it a point to send the full recording to every person who registers for the webinar, completely free of cost. Moreover, we also ensure we are available for any questions or doubts you may have after watching the webinar -if you want your exclusive copy delivered right to your inbox, you can

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