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TIP: Setting Value for Option Set in OOB Workflow

Introduction: Recently we had a business requirement to maintain Opportunity Status change history. So, to achieve this, we created a custom entity and developed the OOB workflow to create a custom entity record and Send an email to the owner. First, we created a custom entity ‘Opportunity Status History’ with the below-mentioned fields; 1. Opportunity… Read More »

Different operators used with workflow

There are six different operators used in e workflow. 1. Set to: This operator is used to set value of the field of any data type. 2. Append with: This operator can only be used with text field. It will append specified field’s value or the default value to the existing value. This operator has… Read More »

Workflows vs Dialogs

CRM 2011 introduces the new concept of Dialogs. We have discussed this in detail in our earlier blog that can be found at” Here we list out the differences between Processes (Workflows) and Dialogs.

Workflows – Behind the scene

We were recently working on designing a tool that deletes workflow job. We thought it would be easy to just filter out all job that related to a workflow by the workflow id and then delete that’s it. But like always we were in for a surprise. Just thought putting it down would help others… Read More »

Call Workflow from ISV button

We had once given an option to one of our customers to perform an action using on-demand workflow. We provided them with the steps to run the workflow from the “Run Workflow…” button that is added to the entity in case and entity has on-demand workflows published against them. The customer however wanted that we… Read More »