Effortlessly Export Dynamics CRM/365 Reports to PDF, Word or Excel!

By | April 14, 2017

Export and Email Dynamics CRM Reports to PDF, Word or Excel

Business reports compiled from Dynamics 365 data can be a powerful tool for Organizations to evaluate performance and strategize short-term and long-term goals.

While reports are very useful for the Organization, employees often spend a considerable amount of time preparing these reports.

This is a concern for many organization as it is not the best use of their employees time and hampers overall productivity!

To improve employee productivity and ensure their time is spent on tasks that add value to the business, it is important to have a tool that can be used to easily export Dynamics CRM reports in most used file formats like PDF, MS Word or MS Excel.

Click2Export is one such solution that provides Dynamics 365 users the power to quickly export Dynamics CRM reports. Click2Export is a productivity tool that is designed to quickly export MS Dynamics CRM reports in multiple file formats like PDF, Word or Excel.

Users can then save the exported reports or directly share with colleagues by attaching it to an email or as a note to a record!

Not just this, Click2Export also allow users to;

  • Create multiple templates for a single report with different names
  • Customize Report Parameter Values even during run time ensuring that the exported report executes on those parameters
  • Export and attach both Individual or Organizational report
  • Bulk export multiple reports
  • Decide whether to export combined report for all the selected records or one report per selected record

With Click2Export, users can now export and share MS Dynamics CRM reports effortlessly to PDF, Word, and Excel format and focus on tasks that will lead their Organization to success!


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