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Error ‘Principal user is missing prvReadAccount privilege’ resolved

Introduction: Data migration needs to carried out carefully when you are adopting a new system. If it doesn’t get the attention it deserves, then it can increase the exposure to several risks. During data migration, you might probably face various errors while transferring data. ‘Principal user is missing prvReadAccount privilege’ being one of the most… Read More »

Tip while migrating Products to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Introduction Most CRM Implementations involve data migration from legacy system. This article is a tip for smooth migration of Product data to Dynamics CRM. Product Record mandatory fields As you know that the when we create the product in CRM, we select the Unit Group and the Default Unit on Product. Unit group is a… Read More »

Exporting Data from Dynamics CRM using SSIS

Introduction: We have often had sync requests projects where we need to write data from CRM to flat files. Our option until now had been to either Develop a Windows service, that polls at regular intervals to writes the file Develop a Windows app and using the windows task scheduler to schedule to run at… Read More »