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How to set all Party list values while migrating data of Activities using SSIS

While doing data migration of Activity entities like Email, Phone call which has Party list fields like to, from, bcc, cc etc. where we set all values i.e. lookups of different entities like Account, Contact, Lead, User, Queue etc. and manually entered an email address for e.g. While setting these party-list values, I was… Read More »

Migrating Dynamics 365 v9.0 Multi Select Option Set Field Data using SSIS

Introduction: Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0 brings some of the most awaited features and enhancements. One of the important feature introduced in Dynamics v9.0 is Multi Select Option Set. Prior to Dynamics 365 v9, there was no provision to use multi-select option set field. Our this blog explains how data import works for multi-select option set field.… Read More »

Fixed – ‘The attachment cannot be saved. Either specify activityId or ObjectTypeCode & ObjectId’ error while processing Email Attachment using SSIS

Introduction: While performing data migration most of the time, we need to migrate Email and Email Attachments, where we first migrate the Emails and then migrate the Email Attachments. However, when we did a run for this, we were facing the below error. ‘The attachment cannot be saved. Either specify activityId or ObjectTypeCode & ObjectId.’… Read More »

Copy ActualCloseDate and ActualRevenue when Migrating Opportunity in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Introduction: While migrating data for Opportunities, Quote and Order entities, the actualrevenue, actualclosedate, fulfilled date and closeddate are some of the fields that do not get mapped. Traditionally these fields are updated when the respective transactions are closed and the associated OpportunityClose, QuoteClose activity type records are associated at the time of closing these transactions.… Read More »

Migrate Views through SSIS in Dynamics CRM

Introduction: We can migrate both System Views as well as Personal Views through SSIS in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Before we look at how this can be done through SSIS, let’s see what System and Personal Views are. System Views:System Views are those views, similar to Public views which are automatically created by Dynamics CRM on… Read More »

An error “The number of decimal places on the quantity is invalid” while migrating quote product through SSIS

Introduction: While migrating or creating the records for the Products and hence the Quote Products, Invoice Products, Order Products and Opportunity Products, we have to ensure the number of things as this would not allow us to create or migrate the data successfully in the CRM. For example, Price List, Unit and Unit Group etc.… Read More »

Error, ‘0 is not a valid CRM type code’ resolved in Dynamics CRM

Introduction: While migrating data of the custom entities and its associated records like activities, notes, etc. from the source system to the target CRM, a difference is observed in the regardingobjecttypecode for all the custom entities in the source as well as the target CRM. When the entity is created, a unique integer value, Entity… Read More »