Tip while migrating Products to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

By | October 7, 2015


Most CRM Implementations involve data migration from legacy system. This article is a tip for smooth migration of Product data to Dynamics CRM.

Product Record mandatory fields

As you know that the when we create the product in CRM, we select the Unit Group and the Default Unit on Product.

Unit group is a broader category of family under which multiple units can be defined. Unit names should be unique within the Unit Group but not across the system.

In case of product, the business logic around this is, you can select Default Unit only after setting of the Unit Group and the Unit must belong to the Unit Group specified.

We came across a case, where a particular Unit was named the same and available under multiple unit groups.

For example, consider the following scenario,

As you can see in the below screenshot that we have two units Groups  “Enterprise User” and “Business User” and both of these have the units with the same name i.e. “Year”.

  • Unit Group: Enterprise Usermigration
  • Unit Group: Business Usermigration1

Data Migration Issue

During data migration especially for setting the values for the Lookup fields, the general logic followed is to look for the name provided within the entity set. This logic usually works across the CRM system for lookup fields but since there is this additional business logic that is being applied at the platform level for “Unit” where unit should be a part of “Unit Group”, it doesn’t work with migrating “Units”

In case of Units, you need to provide the additional search criteria to match the name of the Unit as well as Unit Group to find the correct unit associated with the group.

If you don’t apply the additional search criteria for Unit Group, you could receive the following error while creating Product

“The unit does not exist in the specified unit schedule”

Since the name appears correct, it is very difficult to understand the reason behind this error.migration2

But actually only the names match not the GUIDS, so the unit set was perhaps of another unit group and not this one.


If you want to migrate the products from one system to other, you need to make sure that the Units and Unit Groups names has to be unique in CRM i.e., Units in different Unit Groups cannot have same name.

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