Update and Publish Multiple Sitemap XML Programmatically in Dynamics 365

By | August 31, 2018


As we all know we can edit Sitemap by using Microsoft Dynamic Site Map Designer or SiteMap Editor using XrmToolBox. But, we can’t see the updated changes on the Site Map until we save and publish that sitemap.

Whereas we can also update SiteMap programmatically, after update we need to publish the sitemap XML programmatically

In our recent blog we discussed about how to retrieve SiteMap XML programatically.

And in this blog, we will discuss about how to update and Publish Sitemap XML programmatically.

Step 1:- Update Sitemap Programmatically

Suppose we have multiple SiteMap XML collection,

EntityCollection sitemaps = _service.RetrieveMultiple(query1);
	foreach (Entity entSiteMap in sitemaps.Entities)

		Entity updateSiteMap = null;
		XElement subAreaElement;
XDocument document = XDocument.Parse(entSiteMap["sitemapxml"].ToString());
		//Specify Area from default site map
       	XElement area = document.Descendants("Area").Where(ele => appArea.Contains((string)ele.Attribute("Id"))).FirstOrDefault();

		//To get specific area in site map by area id
XElement area1 = document.Descendants("Area").Where(ele => (string)ele.Attribute("Id") == “Area ID”).FirstOrDefault();

       	//Specify the Group of default sitemap.
              XElement group = document.Descendants("Group").Where(ele => appGroup.Contains((string)ele.Attribute("Id"))).FirstOrDefault();

		//Specify the Group of sitemap by group Id.
		XElement group1 = document.Descendants("Group").Where(ele => (string)ele.Attribute("Id") == “Group ID”).FirstOrDefault();

		//Add new SubArea 
		subAreaElement.Add(new XElement("Titles",
                    new XElement("Title",
                    new XAttribute("LCID", ENGLISH),
                    new XAttribute("Title", “Display Name”))
		//Add subarea into group.

		//Updating Sitemap
              updateSiteMap = new Entity(“sitemap”);
                updateSiteMap.Id = entSiteMap.Id;
                updateSiteMap["sitemapxml"] = document.ToString(SaveOptions.DisableFormatting);
		//Update site map


Step 2:- Publish Sitemap Programmatically

string siteMap = string.Empty;
string parameterXML = string.Empty;

//Object of PublishXmlRequest
PublishXmlRequest publishXmlRequest = null;

//SiteMap is not null 
if (sitemaps != null)
    foreach (Entity appSiteMapEntity in sitemaps.Entities)
	//Add multiple sitemap into appSiteMap string 
              siteMap = siteMap + "<sitemap>" + appSiteMapEntity.Id + "</sitemap>";
//Add appsitemap string into <importexportxml>
parameterXML = "<importexportxml><sitemaps>" + appSiteMap + "</sitemaps></importexportxml>";

//Add parameterXML string PublishXmlRequest
publishXmlRequest = new PublishXmlRequest
       	ParameterXml = parameterXML

	//Execute publishXmlRequest to Publish sitemap


We can publish updated sitemap xml using PublishXmlRequest in Dynamics 365 using the code given above.

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