How Maplytics can help Dynamics 365 users Boost Sales this holiday season?

By | November 10, 2016

Holidays are coming…and coming along is the most lovable period of the year! It can be a resting time for other people, but if you are a marketer, it’s time to plan well. Holiday season drives most of the annual revenue for businesses. And if marketers choose the right customer/ audience and apt strategies to promote the product, Holidays can be the most productive time for them!Boost holiday sales with maplytics

Let’s see how your favorite mapping solution for Dynamics CRM can help Dynamics 365/CRM users increase sales revenue this Holiday season.

Promoting in-store Discount: Retailers promoting their products in stores offer lucrative discounts for increased sales. For boosting the market, even more, a Sales rep can target nearby customers. A buyer will travel at max 5-10 miles to buy a particular product. So promotion of a local shop will be more effective when the audience within 5-10 miles is targeted. Maplytics can help you to find your prospects in that region using radius search within Dynamics CRM and build a marketing campaign around these points.

Radius Search Dynamics CRM - Maplytics

Best Location to Promote Offers: While planning any event or campaign, it is always desirable to plan it at a place where there is the maximum possibility of leads or prospects to come. Marketers can plan it considering the density and availability of leads and prospects immediate to that particular geographic area. Maplytics heat map analysis helps you find the density of your customers by postal code or region type and you can promote accordingly.

Maplytics Heat Maps

Different Promotion for Different Audience – Use various category filters in Maplytics to build different tier audience. This helps you engage premium customers with a different strategy than your newly acquired customers. For e.g., a user can find accounts belonging to ‘x’ industry having annual revenue greater than USD 100K and are present in Staten Island county, New York.

Maplytics category filter

Maplytics™ can help you gear up your holiday marketing plans with many of its functionalities like Route optimization, Heat Map analysis, POI search, and much more. It plots Dynamics CRM data on a map allowing you to get an idea of the overall spread of customers on a map. It helps Dynamics CRM users to find right customer among leads, contacts, accounts to target. The solution not only helps you navigate to your target prospects, it also helps you strategize and streamline your marketing plan for holidays.

Happy Holidays to all Dynamics 365 users – Let’s make this a special one for your customers!