Plot Your Dynamics CRM Data On Map

By | June 18, 2016

A visual glimpse of Dynamics CRM records on Bing maps can be more intuitive and productive than a boring static report exported in Excel for Sales rep and Marketers. A smart idea would be to employ a mapping tool for MS Dynamics CRM. Often sales managers are given certain territories to work upon. It will be more effective if you are capable of plotting Dynamics CRM data on a map to your own territory! Maplytics is a sales territory mapping solution for Dynamics CRM can be a rational implementation for plotting CRM data on a maps to your own sales territory!

See how it is done;

Maplytics geo-analytical solution can help plotting of MS Dynamics CRM data in maps in three different ways;

By Location: Just enter a location and set the distance, data source, and category. The map soon gets populated with pushpins of different colors for that particular location. You can view details of these pushpins individually.

By Region: If you are assigned to a certain territory, this “Plot by Region” feature is for you! You can search leads on a map across particular geographical area be it a city, county, state, postal code, or country. You can effortlessly map MS Dynamics CRM entities anywhere you want!

By Drawing: Now map Dynamics CRM entities across the shapes drawn by you. This recently added feature in Maplytics May Release enables users to draw certain shapes (circle, rectangle, or even polygon) on the map for plotting of CRM data in maps.

Not only this, Maplytics allows you to save the search results using save as view option beneficial for targeted marketing. You can further export the results to Excel file as well.

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