Build Targeted Marketing List in Dynamics CRM Using Maplytics

By | May 28, 2016

The idea of recognizing and narrowing your target audience within certain area or location for marketing campaigns is an important footstep for boosting the market. Location plays a critical role in such strategies and marketers usually target audience belonging to immediate geographic areas. A striking example is an advertisement of a local retail shop through an email campaign. This will make sense only when the audience is targeted within 10 miles instead of sending emails worldwide. But, how will you plot Dynamics CRM data on maps?

Maplytics can do this for you! Maplytics is a geo-analytical mapping solution for MS Dynamics CRM/365 which is integrated with Bing maps to reach your target audience within specific geo-location. What makes it a perfect Microsoft Dynamics CRM mapping tool?

  • Proximity search within a specific area.
  • Categorization like Rating, Status, Job Title etc.
  • Save the search results as Dynamics CRM views.
  • Add members of saved views to a marketing list.
  • Export views further to an Excel sheet.

Let’s have a quick Walk-through:

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Not only this, Maplytics is recently re-designed with advanced features for better user experience and compatibility.

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