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How Maplytics can help Dynamics 365 users Boost Sales this holiday season?

Holidays are coming…and coming along is the most lovable period of the year! It can be a resting time for other people, but if you are a marketer, it’s time to plan well. Holiday season drives most of the annual revenue for businesses. And if marketers choose the right customer/ audience and apt strategies to… Read More »

What’s there in Maplytics August Release

May Release of Maplytics was a huge success. Our customers really liked the new interface and enhancements like appointment planning, route optimization, proximity search, geo-analytics, etc. We would like to Thank our Partners and Customers for their valuable feedback and suggestions in making Maplytics one of the most preferred Maps solution for Dynamics CRM. As we… Read More »

Live Webinar on Maplytics – Maps Integration with Dynamics CRM!

Businesses these days seek for every possible measure to make it successful! Dynamics CRM is one of such examples, which makes the businesses more consumer-friendly. A bit of brainstorming and we thought, why not integrate Bing maps with Dynamics CRM??? Bing Maps Integration with Dynamics CRM was like bringing the best of both worlds! The… Read More »

Inogic announces New Destination for Maplytics – Maplytics.com

Launching a new website is always thrilling for any organization, and we at Inogic are all excited to announce new website launch for our flagship product ‘Maplytics – Locational Intelligence Simplified!’ With Maplytics May release and newly integrated feature set, Maplytics has set new standards for geo mapping technology. Now all the Maplytics related information… Read More »

Instant Trials now available for Bing Maps and Dynamics CRM integration

We are happy to introduce Instant trials for our most popular product Maplytics. A comprehensive maps integration solution for Dynamics CRM supporting both Dynamics CRM on-premises as well as online. Steps to activate the trial: 1. Navigate to Settings -> Customizations -> Solutions -> Select the solution e.g. Maplytics solution. 2. To configure the solution, navigate… Read More »