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Scheduling multiple appointments for the same time and same person

Introduction Often you would come across scenarios where you would want to schedule more than one appointment for a user for the same time. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, if you try to do this most often you would come across the following warning. Being a warning you can always click on continue and go ahead… Read More »

Customizing the IFD Sign-in Pages for Dynamics CRM

Introduction: An on-premise deployment of Dynamics CRM can only be accessed from within the intranet. If you would like to provide access to your on-premise Dynamics CRM to your team from outside the corporate network, you need to make this available externally over the internet. To do this, you need to configure IFD (Internet Facing… Read More »

Passing special characters For Odata request using JavaScript in Dynamics CRM 2015

To retrieve records from Dynamics CRM using JavaScript one of the popular options is using CRM Odata services using REST endpoint. There are many situations occurs when we need to retrieve records from CRM by name using REST retrieve multiple request. For example in below script we are retrieving products by product name. While passing… Read More »

Dynamics CRM 2015 – Top 5 Developers Delights

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 has come up with lots of new and exciting features. No doubt these features have been applauded by end users. From a developer point of view too this release has been a great blockbuster. Let’s see a quick recap of top 5 developer delights of Dynamics CRM 2015 Update… Read More »

Apply Custom Filter on Lookup Field in Dynamics CRM using Script

Introduction In this blog we are going to see how to apply custom filter to the lookup field using the JavaScript functions. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM we can filter a lookup field on form using the Fetch XML condition and “addPreSearch()“ method. Example On the Contact Entity there is a lookup field named “Account Name”… Read More »

New Localizable Attributes in Dynamics CRM 2015

As we all know if we want to change the CRM label text as per the user language preference we can use the Export/Import translation process. But when we want to change the Attribute value as per the user language preference, it is not possible because entered value cannot be changed if user changes the… Read More »

Adding Custom Button on Security area in Dynamics CRM 2015

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Security area is introduced which contains entities such as Users, Security Roles and Teams which were present in Administration area in previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In this blog we are going to show how we can add Custom Buttons on Application Ribbon of Security area through Ribbon Workbench.… Read More »

Sending Marketing Newsletter From Dynamics CRM

If you want to send marketing newsletter(or any content that has HTML content) to all your Leads/Accounts/Contacts by using Quick Campaign by Email using Email template then you can select the accounts/leads/contacts for which you want to send the newsletter and create quick campaign as shown below. In case you want to send newsletter to specific… Read More »

Re-imagined Phone & Tablet Client for Dynamics CRM Online

Introduction One of the USP of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that differentiates it from other CRM applications available in the market is BYOD – CRM Anywhere. Dynamics CRM as of today supports the following client Web Client ( All major browsers IE/Edge, Chrome, FireFox, Safari) Outlook Client – Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook so that you… Read More »

Automatic record creation or update rules in Dynamics CRM 2015 SP1

Microsoft always believes in making life of people simpler using their product. This is what happens with every update of Dynamics CRM. There was one feature introduced in CRM 2013 to ease the life of CRM users and that feature was Automatic case record creation through email and social monitoring. This was indeed a very… Read More »

Applying Scripts on Business Process Flow controls in Dynamics CRM 2015

Introduction Anyone who would have tried using the api functions available to access the controls on the Business Process Flow to hide/lock in CRM 2013 would know that the function only worked if the control was on the current active stage on the form. Suppose you had 2 stages Develop and Propose and you had… Read More »

Dynamics CRM – Q1 – Inogic Blog Popular Posts

Lets re-visit 5 of our most popular blogs last quarter. The ones you have liked, visited, shared and re-tweeted the most. Hope these posts are helping you to explore features of Dynamics CRM in your next assignment: 1. Custom Actions in Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Update 1: Back in 2013 Microsoft introduced the concept of “Custom… Read More »

Updating Date Values of Existing Records after modifying the Date/Time Behaviour in Dynamics CRM Online Update 1

Introduction In one of our earlier posts found here we had explained how the new date/time behaviour can be used to record date/times in the format that you require, instead of having it store the values in UTC all the time. So you can now go and modify the behaviour of an existing date/time field… Read More »

Tips for working with Business Rules in Dynamics CRM 2015 Online

Introduction Microsoft Dynamics CRM introduced Business Rules in CRM 2013 which provides custom business logic. You can read more about how to use Business Rules from one of our earlier blogs found here In this blog we are going to show new abilities added in Business Rules for Dynamics CRM Update 1 as well as… Read More »

Adding Signature to Emails in Dynamics CRM

Introduction Signatures are very integral part of any emails that are exchanged in present times. Dynamics CRM however does not yet have an OOB way to configure a signature for a user so that when a new Email is created, the signature is automatically added to the email body. There is always the Insert Template… Read More »

Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-Training Links

I came across this post on Linked Group a few days back about “CRM 2015 Training” and have been thinking to compile a list of links so that new Dynamics CRM users can benefit from it. Before you start, to familiarize yourself, it’s always better to create a Dynamics CRM Online trial: Dynamics CRM Online… Read More »

Support to open an Entity form in a new Window in Dynamics CRM 2015 SP1

Introduction: Every CRM update comes with a lot of goodies for both the developers and the end users, so Dynamics CRM 2015 SP1 was not different. One of such feature is opening a record in a new window. While most of youll think, whats so great in this, we have been doing this since CRM… Read More »