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Geocoding Millions of Dynamics CRM Records Using Maplytics

Geocoding is a process of converting addresses to a latitude/longitude, which can be then easily plotted on a map. Geocoding can be done for a specific number of records, but when it comes to bulk records of Dynamics CRM, users need more professional mechanism. Maplytics is a native map visualization tool which helps to geocode… Read More »

Build Targeted Marketing List in Dynamics CRM Using Maplytics

The idea of recognizing and narrowing your target audience within certain area or location for marketing campaigns is an important footstep for boosting the market. Location plays a critical role in such strategies and marketers usually target audience belonging to immediate geographic areas. A striking example is an advertisement of a local retail shop through… Read More »

Maplytics May Release – Dynamics CRM Bing Maps Integration Redefined!

May has arrived and the most-awaited May Release of Maplytics is now ready to ship with newly integrated advanced features. We have redefined various aspects of this Dynamics CRM Geo-Analytical tool and have focused on features like; Mobile compatibility, intuitive interface, and better proximity search. Let us have a quick look on the new highlighting features… Read More »