Find nearby places using Maplytics in Dynamics CRM

By | June 23, 2016

Need a Coffee? Now find your nearest Starbucks within your Dynamics CRM!!

Meeting up over a coffee can be a quick embark of networking. But what if you are already on your way and your client buzzes you “Let’s meet up at a coffee shop”. It is not necessary that your navigational instincts will be as good as others’, especially when you are at a new place. Maplytics mapping solution for Dynamics CRM has this innovative functionality to locate all the nearby Points of Interest from your Mobile & Tablets as well.

It covers various categories along with coffee shops to search across like; nearby restaurants, gas stations, airport, popular attractions and much more. So next time when you are meeting your client and in between urge to find a gas station or pick a coffee, Maplytics will help you find one. You can simply add this POI search to your route planned and make it smarter through Route optimization within Dynamics CRM. This will make sure that your entire route is planned along with this new POI.

Watch it live here to get a visual explanation!

As soon as you click on the POI, multiple icons will be available for coffee shop, hospital, gas station, restaurant, etc. So if you search for “coffee”, your map gets populated with all the nearby coffee shops. With its modern and exciting May Release feature set, Maplytics helps in visualizing and increasing productivity of Dynamics CRM users by plotting entities, geo-analytics and routing using Bing Maps.

Before you head out, enjoy your Coffee and download your Trial Version here!