Maplytics Route Optimization – Make Your Routes Smart, Short, & Swift!

By | June 7, 2016

Reaching on time is one of the most crucial business goals especially in sectors like Sales and field services. But can you always manage to reach on time? Well, we know the answer, and we don’t blame you! As a salesperson, there can be different target destinations to reach on the same day. It is acceptable for any user running late due to reasons like unfamiliar territory, unmanaged routing, traffic, or any other reason. However, a planned schedule can help you avoid such roadblocks! Maplytics offers a seamless integration between Bing Maps and MS Dynamics CRM/365 to help users to plot their MS Dynamics CRM data on a map and create optimized routes to tackle appointments effortlessly!

Maplytics is a native map visualization, Routing and Geo-Analytics app that integrates with Dynamics CRM and Bing Maps. Maplytics helps you in such situations by providing precise and optimized routes for your MS Dynamics CRM data. Route optimization is one of the most used and powerful features of Maplytics for sales and field reps.

With Maplytics you can:

  • Cut the travel distance & time, ultimately saving fuel and money.
  • Get optimized routes over multiple stops.
  • Can hit the road with confidence by getting a planned blueprint of available routes.
  • Know your routes through different modes of transportation.
  • Avoid Highways and Toll Roads to always stay ahead of the competition.

Watch Route Optimization in action:

Not only this, Maplytics has much more to enhance customer service. This includes Appointment Planner that was recently included in Maplytics May Release. Appointment planning is a brilliant way to manage the meetings without missing them or being late.

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