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Controls in Dynamics 365 for Mobile App: Multimedia

In our previous blog of the ‘Controls in Dynamics 365 for Mobile App’ series, we discussed Input Mask Control which enabled users to add a predefined format for error free phone number entry by mobile and tablet users. Today, let us discuss Multimedia Control. How Multimedia Control can be useful for users? It is extremely… Read More »

Controls in Dynamics 365 for Mobile App: Input Mask

Introduction: Dynamics 365 provides a wide variety of controls which allow developers to add interactive components in the Dynamics 365 mobile app. Each control supports a specific set of input so you can handle variety of data inputs, for instance when a user enters a text, scans a barcode or simply touches a button. This… Read More »

Accept Signatures on Mobiles and Tablets using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016/365

With the world moving towards Mobile and tablets and using touch enabled controls and accepting signatures on the apps directly becoming the norm, it was time for Microsoft to start support for such controls for their tablet and phone apps. With Dynamics CRM 2016 / 365 many new controls were introduced to create a more… Read More »

New Controls for Entities on Phone and Tablets in Dynamics CRM

In Dynamics CRM 2016 update 1, we have many new features introduced. One of them is adding new controls for entities on Phones and Tablets. We have following controls available for Entities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM List/Grid (default) Calendar Control Timeline Control We can set different or same controls for Tablet and Phone. To set these… Read More »

New Controls for Phones and Tablets in Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1

Dynamics CRM 2016 has come up with bundle of new features benefiting both administrators and developers. Adding to these effective features, CRM Online 2016 Update 1 and CRM 2016 (On-Premises) introduced additional controls for Phones and Tablets. Now users are viable to use these additional controls to create a more touch-friendly experience on CRM for… Read More »

Design Auto Complete Text controls in Dynamics CRM 2016

Introduction: On Dec 1st Microsoft released another great version of Dynamics CRM – CRM 2016 that has loads of new features and not to forget developer enhancements too. One of the developer enhancements added to Dynamics CRM 2016 is “Auto Complete” which allows us to provide auto complete feature for the single line text fields.… Read More »

Accessing Composite Controls Programmatically using Script

You might have disabled normal controls programmatically many times but while disabling Composite Controls programmatically we get stuck. We don’t know how to access the control and going through the conventional method doesn’t yield us the expected result. In that case, what should we do? How to achieve the expected result? Like this, we face many… Read More »

Adding Timer Control to Lead Entity in Dynamics CRM 2013 Spring release

Introduction: A new concept of timer control has been introduced in CRM 2013 SP1 which can be used against date fields on customizable OOB entities or custom entities. This timer control has been designed to help users notice the nearing SLA or resolution times. For example, if your organization has certain process to be followed… Read More »