How to Read and Set Date Format of Logged-in User in PCF Control

By | June 15, 2021


Recently in our PCF control, we got the requirement that when the user selects a date from the calendar control then that date format should be of logged-in user. In this blog, we will check how to achieve the same.


Here is my current user settings in Dynamics 365 CRM.


As you can see here, the date format are as follows:

Short date: yyyy/MM/dd

Long date: MMMM,d,yyyy

In this example, I will be retrieving short date format.


Here is the pop-up window in which I want to retrieve some basic user information including their joining date.


For Joining date field, I have used fabric UI datepicker control. Now when the user selects a date from datepicker like below then I want to set the date in the format of current logged-in user.


Get the Date Format

To get the logged-in user date format settings, I have retrieved dateFormattingInfo from PCF context object as below:

Context.userSettings.dateFormattingInfo.shortDatePattern. //For Short Date Format.

Context.userSettings.dateFormattingInfo.longDatePattern. //For Long Date Format.

Set the date in datepicker control

To set the retrieved date format to the datepicker control, I have used formatDate property of datepicker control.


Here is the function to set the user selected date:



As you can see in the below image, I was able to set the date in logged-in user’s format(yyyy/MM/dd )



With the help of Context.userSettings.dateFormattingInfo.shortDatePattern, we can read and set date from logged-in user’s date format.