Solution Import issue on Dynamics 365 CRM v9.1

By | January 24, 2019

As we know, Microsoft has recently released Dynamics V9.1. After its release, most of the customers have upgraded to v9.1. When we tried to import the managed solution from dev CRM instance to customer end, we got the below error where customer CRM version was

Solution Import issue on Dynamics 365 CRM

The exact error we got from Downloaded log file was:

Form factor code 0 is missing a CustomControl declaration

Solution Import issue on Dynamics 365 CRM

This was an issue we never encountered before. After some research and analysis we found the possible cause for the issue.

  1. We had exported the solution from an older version of CRM i.e.
  2. The lead which was failing had Editable grid enabled because ‘form factor 0’ used Editable grid control.

This issue got resolved when our customers upgraded to and then the same solution imported successfully.

Hope this helps!


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