One Click is all it takes to Clone/Copy Dynamics 365 Records

By | March 19, 2017

One Click is all it takes to Clone/Copy Dynamics 365 Records

The success of a business is defined by the efficiency of their employees. If the employees are spending time on activities that do not add value to the business process, the organization ends up losing valuable opportunities! A lot of time is wasted when the employees are dealing with similar data multiple times, which takes longer than needed to get it done. Redundant data entry is one of the well-known enemies of productivity that consumes time, leads to errors and inconsistent data!

Business process automation where complex tasks are achieved in a few clicks has become a strategic enabler of business control and agility! Now Dynamics CRM users can clone/copy Dynamics CRM data and relationship, with related records in just a single click by using Click2Clone. Click2Clone is a productivity tool for Dynamics 365/CRM which helps users to reduce the data entry process as well as time and becomes a strategic enabler of business control and agility for improving productivity. Click2Clone supports Dynamics CRM (2013 & above) On-Premises, Online, and Partner-hosted. Copying bulk volume of repetitive data is now effortless with Click2Clone.

Benefits of Automating Cloning/Copying Records in Dynamics 365 using Click2Clone:

As businesses are growing, the business processes are getting complicated and there is a growing need for productivity solutions to automate maximum manual processes. Let us have a look at the benefits of using productivity solutions for Dynamics 365;

Maintain Data Quality and Consistency:

Automating mundane data entry tasks by copying/cloning Dynamics 365 records using Click2Clone ensure identical high quality and reliable results. Users can simply create template records with the required data to use whenever they want to copy and create new records with similar data, ensuring data consistency!

Save Time and Boost Productivity:

Click2Clone is a part of the productivity tool offered by Inogic for Dynamics 365 sales to improving productivity. Click2Clone helps to reduce the data entry tasks that user would otherwise perform manually. Click2Clone provides the ability to clone both systems, custom entities and other entities like; Invoice, Quote, Order, Opportunity, Lead, Account, Contact, etc, enabling users to achieve more in the same amount of time thereby boosting productivity within Dynamics 365!

Increase Efficiency and ROI:

Click2Clone also allow users to carry over related from 1:N & N:N relationship, further enabling users to save time and effort required to create similar records in Dynamics 365. Click2Clone will thereby aid in high efficiency and ROI by effectively reducing time and efforts of users that can be used to complete other important tasks!

Streamline Business Processes and Maintain Competitive Advantage:

Click2Clone eliminates manual errors while copying/cloning records in Dynamics CRM. This allows organizations to streamline their business processes by reducing unnecessary tasks and optimize information flow. The consistency of cloned records in Dynamics CRM/365 allows organizations to provide consistent and dependable processes to customers thereby maintaining a competitive advantage

See it in action:

Try Click2Clone today! Download trial from our website or take a test drive directly from AppSource!

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