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By | October 11, 2015

2015 and Dynamics CRM 2015 both have been keeping all of us busy. We saw some great new features in our Q1 Blog post also Top 5 for our Developer Friends and End users While we await Dynamics 2016 lets see what we have been able to explore in Q2 for 2015. Sharing some posts which were most clicked, liked and shared.q2

  1. Adding Signature to Emails in Dynamics CRM : Signatures are integral part of any emails that are exchanged in present times. Dynamics CRM however does not yet have an OOB way to configure a signature for a user so that when a new Email is created, the signature is automatically added to the email body. Here is an alternate way of doing the same without requiring the users to click on the Insert Template button.
  2. Support to open an Entity form in a new Window in Dynamics CRM 2015 SP1 : This blog illustrates about the new feature added in Dynamics CRM 2015 SP1, How to open an Entity form in a new Window through CRM API.
  3. Price List selection logic available starting Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 :- Traditionally Price List in any of the transactions like Opportunities, Quote, Orders or Invoices was set by reading it from Customer. With the new release Microsoft has shipped in automation to process of setting Price List.
  4. Exporting Data from Dynamic CRM using SSIS :– Many times we have sync requests projects where we need to write data from CRM to flat files. This post gives the walkthrough to export data from Dynamics CRM using SSIS.
  5. New Forms Authentication in ADFS 3.0 and IFD for Dynamics CRM :– Now ADFS is in built feature of windows server 2012. This blog talks about steps to enable new Forms Authentication in ADFS 3.0 and IFD for Dynamics CRM.

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