Dynamics CRM 2016 it is!

By | September 9, 2015

Well, the news is finally out. The much awaited version that was to be released in fall timeframe this year would be christened “Dynamics CRM 2016” (Read everything about 2016 here)

This version as announced, would be an On-Prem as well as Online release. The On-Prem customers would get the much awaited features released as part of the Update 1 for CRM Online. The drop-down navigation the most sought after update that the On-Premise customers have been waiting for.

Though not much has been disclosed yet about Dynamics CRM 2016, a short video has been released that can be found at

This has been accompanied by an official announcement by Bob Stutz here

It looks promising, but need to wait to get in more specifics around this!!

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