Custom Actions in Dynamics CRM 2015 – Most Clicked Post

By | October 31, 2015

While the team has been working on new innovations and cracking new tips and tricks for Dynamics CRM 2015 (we love doing that), our marketing team has been watching closely on the impression rate and clicks on posts.

There were quite a many but we picked some posts which have been most helpful to our Dynamics CRM readers the movers and shakers as we call it with most clicks, most favorites and shared.

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custom options

Custom Actions in Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Update 1: 688 Clicks

This has been one of our most clicked blog for CRM 2015. This blog explains about the beautiful concept of “Custom Actions” in Dynamics CRM. Actions are messages that can define for an entity. With the enhancement in the Custom actions in Dynamics CRM 2015 it is now possible to automate the execution of the custom actions through workflow.

Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Update 1 – API support for Transaction: 417 Clicks

Unfortunately, until this update, Dynamics CRM did not support transaction for actions performed through the API by the developers. This blog explains about the ExecuteTransactionRequest which was introduced in Dynamics CRM 2015 Online Update 1. It ensures that all of the messages submitted to it are executed in Transaction mode.

New Forms Authentication in ADFS 3.0 and IFD for Dynamics CRM: 410 Clicks

Now ADFS is in built feature of Windows Server 2012. You do not need to install by using exe. You just need to add ADFS from add/remove feature. This blog explains about the steps to enable New forms authentication in ADFS 3.0 & IFD.

Iterating and Processing Records in Dynamics CRM using SSIS: 378 Clicks

We have been exploring SSIS quite a bit recently, this blog gives a walkthrough to help Iterating and Processing Records using SSIS while in our recent posts we have covered Exporting Data and Loading Data from Dynamics CRM

Adding Signature to Emails in Dynamics CRM: 366 Clicks

Signatures are very integral part of any emails that are exchanged in present times. Dynamics CRM however does not yet have an OOB way to configure a signature for a user so that when a new Email is created, the signature is automatically added to the email body. This blog explain about an alternate way of doing the same without requiring the users to click on the Insert Template button.

Thank You for sharing and all the encouragement to our team to explore more about Dynamics CRM.