R8 aka Q2 2012 Service Update Plans revised

By | July 10, 2012
The Q2 Service Update plans have been revised. As per the road map made available earlier this year, Q2 Service update was all about “CRM Anywhere“. It planned to include Cross Browser availability and Mobility that would let Dynamics CRM be accessible “anywhere” be it any browser or any device.

However in the recent Press Release posted on 6th July, Cross Browser availability and Mobility plans have been delayed and these would not be included in the Q2 update. Here is what it says

On July 19th, as we committed, our Q2 release will include Microsoft SQL Server 2012 support, Industry templates and certifications for our online service. After listening to the feedback from our customers and partners we are delaying availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile and cross-browser support. These were previously scheduled to be delivered in the Q2 2012 Service Update, and we now plan to deliver them in the service update scheduled for Q4 2012

You can read the entire post here

This was one of the features that I was most excited about and I am little disappointed with the delay… Q4,,, a bit too long a wait 🙁 Nonetheless it is always better to have a great finished product than half-baked one and as long as this feature is made available in the future with no scope for issues/errors…. I would be willing to wait…

Waiting for a great Cross-Browser Release!!!

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