How to Debug Plugins using Profiler

By | June 11, 2012
One can debug CRM plug ins without connecting to CRM server or without remote debugging.
Here are the steps as in how you can use Profiler for debugging plug ins:

   1>     Connect to CRM using plugin registration tool of March SDK 2012.

   2>      Click on Install Profiler


   3>     You will find a new node attached to registered plugins “Plugin Profiler”.


4>     Select a plug-in step and click Profile to enable profiling.

5>     Then start your plugin from MSCRM i.e if your plugin is on update perform  update operation and download the error file.


6>     Then in Visual Studio attach to process “plugin registeration.exe”. Add the breakpoint  from where you would like to debug.
7>     Then click on Debug in plugin registration tool.
8>     In Profile location provide the path of the error log of the plugin.
9>     In Assembly location provide the dll of the plugin from which you got error.
10>     Then select the Plugin class from Plug-in. This drop down will contains all classes present in the dll.
11>     To start debugging just click on Start Plug-in Execution.