Outlook Authentication issue fixed in Rollup 8

By | July 20, 2012
We have noticed this with the Online and IFD environment, that, if you are using “CRM 2011 Outlook Client” and try to open any web resource like html file and Silverlight application (.xap file) or any entity record using window.Open() or Response.Redirect() then you get prompt for user name and password.

Window.Open() methods opens the CRM record in the browser (IE) and outlook does not pass your CRM credential. As you are not logged-in in the CRM from browser (IE), it asks credentials of user.

If you are already logged-in from browser and open CRM record from Outlook client then it will not prompt for the user credential.

Microsoft has released Rollup 8 which exposes two new methods through SDK. These methods will open window in the process Outlook.exe instead of Iexplore.exe. So it will not ask for credentials.

Below are two methods:


     1)  openWebResource(string webResourceName, string webResourceData, int width, int height):

This opens a HTML web resource page.

             i.   webResourceName: This is the name of the web resource that you want to open.

             ii.  webResourceData: Parameter that is to passed to the web resource. Web page (HTML) or Silverlight Web resource page can only accept a single custom parameter called data.

              iii. width: Width of the window

              iv.  height: Height of the window.

 e.g. Xrm.Utility.openWebResource(“new_/pages/test.html”,null,700,700);


     2)  openEntityForm(string name, string id, Dictionary parameters):

This opens an entity form dialog e.g. Account record.

                  i.            name: Name of the entity of which record is to be opened. e.g. account.

                  ii.           id: GUID of the record. e.g. “89A2F3FB-18FF-E011-A003-00155D005515”.

                  iii.          parameters: Parameter that is to passed to the record. 

e.g. Xrm.Utility.openEntityForm(“account”,”89A2F3FB-18FF-E011-A003-00155D005515″,null)

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