Enable Scripts on Bulk Edit form in CRM 2011

By | October 18, 2011

CRM 2011 includes the feature to enable script on the bulk edit form. By default the scripts are disabled for bulk edit forms.

To enable the script for Bulk edit forms check the below syntax

active=[“0” “1” “true” “false”]application=[“0” “1” “true” “false”]attribute=”String”
eventType=[“DataEvent” “ControlEvent”]name=”String”>

See below detailed descriptions for the attributes.

Steps to enable the script on bulk edit form:
– Include the entity for which you would like to enable the bulk edit script and export the solution.
– Open the customization.xml
– Add BehaviorInBulkEditForm=”Enabled” to the event handlers as shown below

– Save and Import the solution, publish it.
– Now your script will work on bulk edit form.

This way you can let your users use bulk edit freely with your custom script also executing just fine. Earlier, usually if there was custom business logic to be performed plugins were advised as it would allow the custom business logic to be executed for all records that were edited through Bulk Edit.

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