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Merge Accounts / Contacts / Leads in Dynamics 365 CRM if You are Prompted for a Duplicate Record Right There!

One of the enhancements shipped as part of the 2020 Release Wave 2, is the enhanced dup detection experience. Traditionally Duplicate Detection displayed a pop-up with the option to ignore and still go ahead and save the current record, thereby creating a duplicate, or it displayed a list of all the duplicates found, and then… Read More »

How to Bulk Edit Attributes that show up Disabled on the Bulk Edit Form

We came across this really tricky situation and we would like to thank Microsoft for having a KB article (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949941) for this. We wanted to bulk edit a few of the accounts using the Actions => Edit option. The form that comes up here displays all attributes available for the Account entity. You would however… Read More »