Inogic apps on the popular GYDE365-Discover platform – Find the right Dynamics 365 CRM app!

By | January 29, 2023


Good Business Partners make difficult times easy and great ones encourage you to grow and prosper!

Inogic proudly announces its recent partnership with Seer 365 following the sign-up to their popular GYDE365 platform. Seer 365 builds transformative solutions that optimize the selection, delivery, and adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications and associated technologies to increase efficiency and productivity for partners and their customers.

GYDE365-Discover enables companies to easily and quickly evaluate whether Dynamics 365 is a good fit for their business using a self-service, survey-driven application. As one of Seer 365’s ISV partners, requirements that identify where there is a need for an Inogic solution are included as standard within the GYDE365-Discover survey.

Where a need has been identified, details of the respective solution are surfaced via the GYDE365-Discover Output Report, enabling prospective customers to carry out their own further research into it to decide whether they wish to include it as part of their initial Dynamics 365 implementation project. Woah! Sounds intriguing, right?!

A few of the esteemed partners of Seer 365 using GYDE365 include Capgemini, Mint, Sysco, SA Global, HSO, Ardentfort, Thinkmax, Veripark, Sana, Loki Systems, North52, Click Learn, and many more! Implementation partners and Systems Integrators use GYDE365 to increase productivity during the Dynamics 365 sales and implementation for them and their clients. ISV Partners on the other hand use GYDE365 to increase awareness of their solution(s) with companies in an active buying cycle for a new ERP or CRM system that are considering Dynamics 365.

Established in 2006, Inogic has a suite of 15 Microsoft Preferred Productivity Apps on Microsoft AppSource. Inogic has always been a hub of distinct and innovative solutions for Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (Power Apps). Whether it’s App Integrations, streamlining Document Management in Dynamics 365 CRM/CE, improving productivity with its suite of 1-Click Apps, or simply visual representation of data using Visualization Apps, Inogic offer it all.

Through its new partnership with Seer 365, Inogic aims at improving productivity and adoption of out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 solutions through the provision of its 15+ Microsoft preferred apps, built on principles of locational intelligence, automation, and visualization.

Some of the Inogic products shining on the GYDE365 platform are as follows:

Maplytics – Location Intelligence Simplified, the 5-star rated geo-analytical mapping app on the Microsoft AppSource is the flagship product of such an enterprising organization. It is valued and respected by its clients, partners, and even competitors because of the seamless integration it provides of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/Dataverse and Bing Maps for advanced decision-making. Its unique and notable features, easy installation time, efficient and effective tech support, etc. make it one-of-a-kind and popular. Maplytics finds its listing on the GYDE365 website among popular products.

Click2Clone is a productivity app that enables users to clone/copy Dynamics 365 CRM records from any OOB as well as custom entities of Dynamics CRM to another record. It has been listed on the GYDE365 Website. With Click2Clone, users can now easily clone/copy related child records and create multiple copies of any given Dynamics 365 CRM record. By automating and simplifying the process of creating new records, Click2Clone significantly reduces the time spent on repetitive data entry and becomes a strategic enabler of business control and agility.

SharePoint Security Sync is a comprehensive solution for integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with SharePoint for syncing security privileges along with document management. The website listing can be found here. With SharePoint Security Sync, the idea is to enhance the user experience and further build upon the integration to make the integration experience seamless between the two systems by not just allowing for associating document folders against CRM records but also syncing the security privileges from Dynamics 365 CRM to SharePoint to ensure secure and reliable access to confidential documents stored in SharePoint.

Attach2Dynamics is a document management solution that provides seamless attachment management in multiple cloud storage like SharePoint, Dropbox, and Azure Blob Storage from within Dynamics 365 CRM. It could be explored further on the Gyde365 website. It enables features like drag and drop, browsing, and choosing multiple files or a folder at a single instance to upload to the Cloud Storage of choice.

Kanban Board is a productivity app to visualize your Dynamics CRM and Dataverse (Power Apps) data in a Kanban View. Check out the listing on the Gyde365 website. With the ability to categorize the data into lanes, helps with a quick review of the records in a card-based view and easily identifies the status of the records. A visual tool to move the records across lanes to quickly update the underlying field values.

Gamifics365 is a productivity app that aims to enhance Dynamics 365 CRM productivity and adoption by creating an enriching and motivating environment for CRM users through a gamification module. It could be explored further on the Gyde365 Website. It provides a medium to create appealing games to encourage healthy competition between both individuals and teams combined. These games help to ignite the competitive spirit of CRM users and motivate them to achieve over and beyond their capabilities.

Inogic is always looking for new ways to identify organizations and partners who want to save time and effort, increase accuracy and enhance business intelligence for their Dynamics users across the world. Our partner, Seer 365, has the same goals.

Our suite of 15 Microsoft Preferred Productivity Apps on Microsoft AppSource also includes the following apps Alerts4DynamicsClick2ExportClick2UndoLead Assignment & Distribution Automation, and User Adoption Monitor that ensures overall business productivity enhancement

With a broad smile and a heart full of expectations, let us cheer a lifetime of mutual growth, support, encouragement, and enhanced business productivity between Inogic and Seer 365!

Happy Collab!