Happy Thanksgiving: let’s express the gratitude we normally forget to!

By | November 24, 2022

Thanks giving

Scholars who have dedicated their lives to the study of Human Behavior suggest that while the word ‘want’ has been freely strewn around in every conversation, the word ‘Thank You’ is used pretty frugally. They also observed that the demands being fulfilled were accepted quickly while gratitude and acknowledgment needed to be forced. History suggests that the tradition of Thanksgiving was started as a way to normalize public Thank Yous and has continued over the centuries to keep the practice of offering gratitude alive.

At Inogic, we are learning from our Partners/clients every day not only Business skills but also about cultures and traditions. Thus, we take this ‘feast’ive opportunity to thank the people important to us and offer our gratitude.

The reputation of an organization is largely influenced by the Clients

For Team Inogic, our clients and partners form the backbone of our business. We enjoy working with them, understanding their requirements, and offering personalized solutions. The year 2022 also saw an addition of a plethora of new clients and partners to our amazing family. While the old ones renewed their contracts a few lost ones came back. We feel blessed to have grown in tandem with all of them. Our Partners have been our consistent teammates for life, and we are grateful for having them along with our trusted clients.

Charity begins at home

Having strong external support in the form of amazing clients and partners is a blessing. However, a well-muscled body is nothing without a strong core. Our strong core is formulated by-

  • Our able Team members
  • Ideal leadership
  • Other support teams, etc.

With a bandwagon of 16 products, Team Inogic stands proud at its unique position and is looked at with respect because of the awesome Team members. All product teams have a motto of constant upgradation and customer satisfaction etched on them. Client issues take priority and often personal chores are kept at the backfoot to ease a client or a colleague. Working together and achieving the targeted goals is the spirit that binds the Team together. Hats off to their commitment and grit.

Our uber-cool and young Management is pretty adventurous. They are ready to invest, try something new, and constantly encourage us in their manner to achieve more and do better. Team Inogic is thankful for this open canvas provided by them to paint on with success stories and also some learnings.

A muscular body with a strong core needs to be maintained with a disciplined routine. The results are easily visible, but the hard work and the routine go unnoticed. Our IT guys, our Admin Teams, and our vibrant HRs represent this strict routine. No client can be happy if the working team is not efficient or does not have the proper tools and support. Our working team is blessed with the most efficient support teams ever. A huge shout-out to them all!

Chances of progress improve with a strong community backing

Our heartfelt gratitude towards-

These forums/ platforms have allowed our bright team members to showcase their technical expertise and knowledge and share it with the community. Many of our Technical Blogs, Technical solutions, Whitepapers, forum answers, etc. can be spotted on these esteemed websites helping us to connect with the active members of the community and also exceed our thinking capacities.

The highlights of 2022

Overall, 2022 was a year of constant upgrades and improvements. We launched a new product and are on the verge of introducing the next one before the year ends. Numerous Clients and Partners joined our family and we are overwhelmed by this constant growth. One of the most precious experiences of 2022 was the CRMUG or the Community Summit, North America. The steady flow of interested members wanting to discuss our products for their business or their clients was a spectacle to watch. A houseful show of Partner Solution Showcase giving out a live demo of our flagship product Maplytics was a proud sight! The experience of interacting with like-minded people and discussing the future of the community was unforgettable.

We must always remember our roots

As we learn from our community and grow, we also believe in giving back to it as our gratitude and the best way to give back is in the form of knowledge. Thus, our answers to forum questions asked by the enthusiasts and our technical blogs regularly posted on the Dynamics 365 Community Page are our ways of thanking the community!

What the future holds- 2023

It is right around the corner, the new year, the new outlet to a surge of renewed energy and enthusiasm! We are learning from our past and moving towards a bright future. There are more goals to achieve, more products to be developed, more features to be explored, and the family to be increased with new clients, partners, and team members. It is onwards and upwards from here!

Karma is a new form of goodwill that is easy to earn. Easy because all it costs you is being good, helping somebody, or saying an encouraging word. The world is full of people who are stuck up in a rut of thankless jobs. Saying a thank you might just brighten their day and give them some hope!

So go ahead, Be Thankful, and Be Kind!

Until then,

Who wants the last slice of grandma’s Pumpkin Pie?