Track canvas app error in Power app monitor

By | August 2, 2022

Canvas App is a no-code/low-code business app where you can design the app by dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas. To build a mobile app in Dynamics 365, Canvas App is a good option.  It is primarily used to build mobile apps and also has many other functionalities. Suppose we have a requirement to create an app for sales reps to submit product information to Dynamics 365. We develop a canvas app and it’s working fine, but if an issue/error occurs while submitting the product information, we need to track errors and provide proper solutions for the same. To track the error, we can use the notify method of the canvas app to notify and use the Track function to send that error to the power apps monitor. The power apps monitor is a tool where the user can see all the activity in the user session and also view if any error has occurred while using the app and create records. In the power apps, the monitor shows a list of the errors where the user can check all the errors that have occurred and find a resolution for the same.

To notify and track errors in the power app monitor, one can write the following code on the select event of submit button.


"Some error occurred while submitting. Please try again.",







Message: "Error occurred while saving the record in Dynamics 365",

Screen:  App.ActiveScreen.Name,




The users can enter the required details and click on submit. If any error occurs, then it is shown to the users and tracked on the Power Apps monitor. The users can check and solve it.

Power app monitor

Users can open the PowerApps monitor from the advanced tool option as shown below.

Power app monitor

Users can find the errors in the PowerApps monitor that are sent from the trace function.

Power app monitor

They can also get more detailed information from there. A detailed trace log helps to find the cause and where exactly the error occurred, which helps in quicker resolution.

Power app monitor


With the help of these steps, users can plot all the errors in one place and troubleshoot quickly, finding quicker solutions using additional information about the errors.