Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM + Power Apps Portal Development – Get the best of both worlds!

By | July 31, 2022

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Today, the Service industry sector has become an important part of the growing economy. It includes IT, Media, Travel, Hospitality, Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, etc. Customer is the king in the service industry. So, it all comes down to providing exceptional services to customers for the success and growth of any service industry. For this, the first step is to build an infrastructure to manage and maintain customer information. And this is where different/various modules of Dynamics 365 CRM – Field Service, Customer Services, etc. – come into the picture.

But this is just the hygiene factor that you should have. What makes the business grow and flourish is the various combinations and enhancements that can be done to this infrastructure.

And this can be easily achieved with Inogic’s development services. Be it Dynamics 365 CRM enhancements or Power Platform developments, your every business requirement will be easily fulfilled with Inogic’s high-quality development services.

How? Let’s see how our team assisted one of our clients in getting the best of both worlds!

Requirement: One of our clients in the Healthcare industry wanted a portal where their existing customers can register and log in to see their medical data which included details about their past medical tests and results. Here, the customers would be able to book appointments for various medical tests.

Solution: Based on the client’s requirement, we developed a Power Apps Partner Portal where their existing customers can register and log in to the portal. The customers can see their tests and results conducted in the past and book appointments for future medical tests to be conducted. By implementing complex logic, we ensured that the customers can book appointments and the tests will be conducted at their place. The Portal shows the availability of nurses in a particular region and their schedules. Based on this data, customers can book a slot for themselves. On the other hand, the nurses employed with our client use a custom-made Field Service App developed by us to track their schedules for the day. It shows the scheduled bookings, the progress of current bookings, etc.

Result: It made their life easy as they were able to book appointments while sitting at home at a click of a button. The option to choose the time slot also enhanced their experience. And at our client’s end, the nurses (employees) were happy as they were able to easily track their schedule for the day. Since the data was automatically available from the portal to the app, there was no confusion regarding the cross-booking of time slots. This ensured that all the appointments were carried out successfully and without fail. Overall, it resulted in a higher level of customer satisfaction and increased growth of our client’s business.

This is just a very small glimpse of what we do! There is a lot more that we can offer which will help you get the most out of your Dynamics 365 CRM.

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