Just 1 Click to Clone records, Export reports or Undo changes within Dynamics 365 CRM – Try Now!

By | July 14, 2020

Do Clicks matter? If yes then its time to explore our range of 1 Click Productivity Apps

The speciality of these solutions is that all you have to do is just one click and your work is done.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Now let’s see how these apps can help you in dealing with your day-to-day mundane tasks.


Most of you are well acquainted with this app. One of the most sought-after apps, Click2Clone is your answer to less hard work and more smart work. Gone are the days of repetitive data entry and hard manual labour. With Click2Clone all you need is just one click and your job is done. Be it cloning single Dynamics 365 CRM record or multiple records, creating multiple copies of any record or cloning from one entity record to another entity record – Click2Clone does is all with just a click.


Some of the main features of Click2Clone are:

  • Supported Entities: With Click2Clone, you can clone both OOB as well as Custom Entities like Quote, Order, Invoice, etc.
  • Configurable: Its templates are easy to configure and can be used for copying. It also gives you the ability to choose the fields and relationships to be copied over.
  • Related Records: You can carry over related records from 1:N and N:N relationships with the help of Click2Clone.
  • Automation: You can easily clone the records and do the needful updates in the cloned record with the help of workflow.
  • Bulk Copy: Click2Clone also enables you to clone multiple records in a single instance.
  • Copy from one entity to another entity record: It allows you to copy the details from one entity record to another entity record along with child records.
  • Get Records: You can easily copy relationships from Source to Target record of the same entity for existing records.


Another one of our popular apps, Click2Export is all you need to extract information from Dynamics 365 CRM in different formats with just a single click. You can export Reports/CRM Views/Word/Excel templates as per your requirement in PDF, Word, Excel, CSV and TIFF format. Not only this you can email these exported files as attachments, attach it as a note, upload it to SharePoint or download it for offline consumption. And all of this is possible with just a single click! Its another way of doing smart work.


Some of the main features of Click2Export are:

  • Multiple File Formats Supported: You can export Dynamics 365 CRM reports in PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, CSV, and TIFF format. Here, Word Templates can be exported to PDF or MS Word format and Excel Templates can be exported to Excel format.
  • Improves Productivity: Click2Export enables you to automatically attach the exported report to an email and send it to the required user with the help of Auto Send Email option.
  • Store as attachments: With Click2Export you can also attach the exported report as a Note to respective Dynamics 365 CRM record, upload it to SharePoint or download it.
  • Configurable Templates: You can easily configure the reports, filter criteria and parameters for exporting in Click2Export.
  • Bulk Export: It provides support for bulk exporting of reports for multiple records simultaneously. You can export the report as per each record, or in assembly with ease.
  • Automate Exporting with Workflow: With Click2Export you can automate the exporting process for Dynamics 365 Reports/Word Templates with required action to be performed on the selected record using Workflow.
  • Schedule Reports: You can set schedule to export and email Reports/CRM Views/Word/Excel Templates as attachments at regular intervals.


Register for our Click2Undo Webinar – Jul 15, 2020 10 AM EST

Our latest addition to the suite of 1 Click productivity apps, Click2Undo is fast catching the interest of many Dynamics 365 CRM users. It is your go-to app if you want to undo any changes made to Dynamics 365 CRM record and restore it to its last known state. In another words, it’s your own unique ‘crtl+z’ button for Dynamics 365 CRM. You can undo last changes, changes made in the past for single or multiple records with just a single click. So, no more worrying over incorrect or mismatched data. Just a single click and all your data will be restored to its former state.


Some of the main features of Click2Undo are:

  • Entity Support: Click2Undo supports both OOB as well as Custom Entities
  • Undo Last Changes: You will be able to restore the last changes done to a Dynamics 365 CRM record with just a click on Click2Undo button
  • Undo Past Changes: You can easily undo changes made in the past using History functionality of Click2Undo
  • Undo Multiple Records: Click2Undo also gives you the ability to undo changes in multiple records in one go.

With this suite of 1 Click Solutions you can now easily manoeuvre through your daily tasks effectively and efficiently.

So, don’t wait! Choose your favourite app or all of them and explore it for a trial period of 15 days from our website or Microsoft AppSource.

Feel free to contact us at crm@inogic.com for a personal demo on any of these.

Until then – Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!