How to Fix Buttons Missing on Dynamics 365 CRM Unified Interface

By | May 24, 2019


In Microsoft’s recent Dynamics 365 CRM April release everything is considered as a Hub App like Sales hub, Field Service Hub, Service Hub and so on.

However, while working in UCI you may find a few missing buttons in the Command bar as compared to Classic UI. Buttons like Advance find, Edit and Merge are missing.

There is a simple Setting that needs to be done to make the buttons visible in UCI. For that follow the below steps.

  • Navigate to Settings–>Administration–>General
  • Set the Setting Enable embedding of certain legacy dialogs in Unified Interface browser client as Yes.

  • Once the setting is set to Yes; the buttons Edit, Merge, Advance Find becomes visible.

Note: To do the above Setting you need to have System Administrator Role.


As disclosed above, the missing buttons on Dynamics 365 CRM unified interface can be made visible through a simple setting.

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