Sitemap – Privileges feature in Dynamics 365

By | August 2, 2018


Earlier it was possible to edit sitemap only for developers through Site Map editor or editing the Sitemap XML. But with new features added in the Sitemap designer, it is easily editable for any user even for a non-technical person to edit Sitemap. For this please refer our earlier blog.

In this blog, we will talk about Privileges feature. This is an interesting feature added in the Sitemap Designer under Advance Tab


Using this we can give privilege to a particular sub-area under a particular area.

There are different privileges that we can give to a particular entity in a particular area.

Sitemap Privileges feature in Dynamics 365

In the above case under Sales area for Account entity, the privilege is of write. So the Account entity under Sales area will be visible to the user who has the write privilege of Account entity. But under the Service or Marketing Area, the Account entity does not have any such restrictions.

For example, Sam user has security role as Salesperson.

Salesperson does not have write privilege but has read privilege as shown below

Sitemap Privileges feature in Dynamics 365

So Sam won’t be able to see the Account entity under the Sales area but is able to see under Marketing or Services as it has the read privilege (security role) as shown below.

Sitemap Privileges feature in Dynamics 365


5Sitemap Privileges feature in Dynamics 365


This feature is useful if we want to hide unnecessary entities in a particular area.

Also, this Sitemap editing makes it easier for Dynamics CRM users to edit the Site Map as per the organization need.

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2 thoughts on “Sitemap – Privileges feature in Dynamics 365

  1. Prasad Vasadi

    Thanks for your article. I have two tiles called “Sales” and “Operations”. Will it be possible to hide completely tile name as “Operations” when sales users logged in.

    Please suggest?

    1. Inogic

      Hi Prasad,

      You cannot hide the Operations tile completely. You would need to hide individual items (Sub Area) within that tile by adding the privileges on your entity.

      Hope that helps!

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