Working with Translation for Managed Solution in Dynamics 365

By | April 27, 2018

Translation help users to understand the given details in their native language when user is unaware of that language. In CRM it is especially helpful when we are working on a packaged solution. Dynamics 365 CRM allow us to provide translation using Import/Export of translation as below.

Working with Translation for Managed Solution in Dynamics 365

And also by adding XML tag for translation in exported solution.

User can export their translation and update with translated description within document. Importing back the solution will reflect result to user in specific language.

Below are condition when we can find translations are not reflected.

  1. When user import the language after importing the solution.
  2. A scenario when we move unmanaged solution to another environment for maintenance or some other reason. And then export the updated managed solution from new environment to distribute the solution.

In that case, we will find translation is missing sometimes on target environment. And when we check with the unmanaged solution, we will find that translation is still in place but yet they are not part of the managed solution. Whereas multiple publishing and importing same unmanaged solution won’t resolve the issue.

In that case to resolve issue we need to export translation from the solution and need to reimport in same solution before exporting the managed solution for distribution.

Hope this helps!

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