Avoid Manual Data Entry Challenges in Dynamics 365

By | July 10, 2017

Dynamics CRM Copy Records

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has radically changed the way businesses manage and improve their customer relationships. Adoption of CRM systems has been a huge productivity improvement for an organization’s business process.

Even though digital transformation powered by Dynamics 365 has improved the efficiency, productivity, and business processes of organizations, manual data entry remains one of the prime challenges and pain point.

Some of the drawbacks of manual data entry and record creation in Dynamics 365 includes;

1.Data Duplication and Data Inconsistency

Manually creating new records like Quotes, Invoices, etc. can be a tedious task for users and usually leads to discrepancies and inaccuracies. For a business with a large volume of data, manual data entry can be a costly undertaking. Also, considering the amount of time wasted by the users & data entry errors, data entry has an undesirable effect on the quality of the enterprise data.

 2Detrimental Effect on Productivity

Manually creating records in Dynamics CRM can be a counterproductive activity for an organization and can yield unfavorable results. Manually creating records can be a tedious and time-consuming process that hampers the overall productivity of an organization. This process can have an adverse impact on the business process and can waste countless hours every year.

 3Loss of Focus

Manual data entry is a monotonous activity that can gobble up a lot of users’ time and can make them lose focus from core tasks that yield maximum results. This could have a negative impact on the organization and is not the best use of users’ time.

Click2Clone is a productivity app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is designed to automate and simplify manual records creation in Dynamics CRM by providing the ability to copy/clone records in a single click. Click2Clone significantly reduces the time spent on redundant data entry and enables organizations to streamline their business processes by reducing unnecessary tasks and improves information flow, productivity and data quality.

Get your Click2Clone free trial from the Website or Microsoft AppSource to improve your productivity within Dynamics CRM!

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