Sort Social Pane Activities in Dynamics 365

By | December 5, 2016

Dynamics 365 has many useful improvements over the previous versions of Dynamics CRM. Like, Activity Pane, which was present in previous versions but there was no option to sort the activities. Dynamics CRM activity pane sorting was a descending order list of last updated activities. Recent activities were always on the top. However, there was a need to sort activities based on different parameters. With the improvement in Dynamics 365 social pane, it is now possible to sort activities.

As you can see in the screenshot below, now we have an option to sort activities in Dynamics 365.

Sort Social Pane activities in Dynamics 365

Here, sorting order can be set according to requirement. Go to Form Editor → Double click on Social Pane. In Activities Tab Properties, select Activity Wall tab, as seen in the below screenshot.

Sort Social Pane activities in Dynamics 36

Now you can sort social pane activities in Dynamics 365 based on Actual end, last updated, due date and other parameters as shown in the screenshot below.

Sort Social Pane activities in Dynamics 36

Select the required sorting options, click on OK button and save it, and then publish it. Now the activities will get sort in the order selected, ascending or descending.

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2 thoughts on “Sort Social Pane Activities in Dynamics 365

  1. Atefeh

    reasons for cessation of social pane in crm?
    Social pane in two entity (account & contact) been cessation. How can I fix it?

    1. Inogic Post author

      Hi Atefah,

      Can you elaborate more on the issue you are facing while adding social pane in the entity form?

      If you can provide screen clips, it would be helpful.



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