Watch how Maplytics Dashboards help you get better insights of Dynamics 365 data

By | December 4, 2016

Analytical Dashboard is a perfect place to get essential information of business at a single glance. It allows gaining insights of your historical, current, and predictive data of Dynamics 365/CRM to analyze it and make strategies for optimized Sales profits. These dashboards play an important role in bringing all critical information at one place letting you to visualize and evaluate progress of your business.

Maplytics™, a preferred mapping solution for Dynamics 365/CRM ships with different interactive dashboards for various KPI in both Service and Sales module. It allows geo-spatial visualization of data from within Dynamics CRM. Using Maplytics, user can also create customized dashboard for Sales, Service and Marketing roles. Managers can use Overview Dashboard to get an organizational level overview through different parameters like Appointment Planner, My Top 10 Opportunities, My New Accounts this Month, etc.

This video will explain how to create customized dashboards and categorize this dashboard data.

Note: In the queries, when the address data needs to be read from the customer (i.e. it could either hold an account or contact lookup) you need to provide the alias as ‘maplyticsacc’ when a link to a potential customer (account). For contact give alias as ‘maplyticscont’ when a link to a potential customer (contact) or If the address data needs to be read from another OOB or custom entities then you need to provide the alias as “map”.

  • Maplytics is shipped with five pre-defined dashboards.
  • Dashboards are interactive and customizable according to users’ needs.
  • Drill down to records instantly by clicking on the record from dashboard directly.
  • Use different field attributes from an entity to categorize dashboard data.
  • Create your own Dashboard or customize the existing one as per requirement.

Maplytics dashboard lets you know what’s in sales pipeline or get an idea about how your Sales & Service teams are performing! It lets you visualize critical information, and helps you to take quick business decisions!

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