Analyze Your Dynamics CRM Data through Heat Maps using Maplytics

By | July 21, 2016

The best way of analyzing Dynamics 365 CRM data is by getting the density of the CRM data on a map. This can be done with Heat Maps that allow users to visualize the density of Dynamics 365 CRM data and get actionable insights about the regions that are doing well and regions that need attention.

Maplytics is one of the best geo-analytical mapping solutions for Dynamics 365 CM that ships with the powerful Heat Maps functionality. Using the Heat Maps in Maplytics, users can get a graphical representation of Dynamics 365 CRM data on a map. Sales Professionals can get a pictorial representation of the distribution of leads or account or any custom entity across different geographical regions, which ultimately helps to view density across that particular region. This gives a clear idea of the region, which holds potential or region, which needs to be worked upon.

Let’s have a look on its execution:

  • View records across various region types aggregated based on Measure (Revenue, Opportunity, Profit, etc.).
  • The density of records shown in different colors according to scale for better analysis on a map. Green represents the lowest density whereas red represents the highest.
  • Users can access heat maps from dashboards itself.

Not only this, users can also view the records belonging to the particular region. All you need to do is select a view and select the region type among; City, State, County, Country, etc. across which the data will be represented.

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