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Analyze Your Dynamics CRM Data through Heat Maps using Maplytics

The best way of analyzing MS Dynamics CRM data is by getting the density of the CRM data on a map. This can be done with Heat Maps that allow users to visualize the density of MS Dynamics CRM/365 data and get actionable insights about the regions that are doing well and regions that need attention. Maplytics is one of the best geo-analytical mapping solutions for… Read More »

What’s there in Maplytics May Release

It was a great experience to be a part of Microsoft Envision held at New Orleans, LA recently. We unveiled the first look of our Maplytics release, our Geo-mapping tool with lots of new features, and a new interface and now even compatible with tablets and mobile phones. Maplytics is for all Sales: Field Service: Marketing: Managers serving the… Read More »

Configure Maplytics Default values in your Dynamics CRM

Every business is unique and Maplytics caters to all user personas of Sales, Marketing and Managers providing them with analytical Power of Maps from within your Dynamics CRM on-premises or online. To map your requirements with Maplytics you need to configure the default values best suited for your business need. How to Configure Default Values:… Read More »