How to Add Maplytics Maps to any Entity Record Form?

By | July 26, 2016

Maplytics Maps can be accessed in two ways from Dynamics CRM:

  1. You will find two buttons namely Detail Map and Heat Map in upper toolbar of any entity page.
  2. You will find Map button in upper toolbar of individual records for entities you would like to plot.

Sometimes, we would like to plot the data from entity record form or would like to see heat map on entity record form. Maplytics maps  can be added anywhere in Entity Form, to ease up the process of accessing information.

User can add detail map, heat map or individual map on existing entity record form or newly created view pane of entity form. In order to add Detail Map and Heat Map, it is not mandatory to configure entity map for that entity but for individual map it is mandatory to configure entity map.

Please follow the below steps to add Maplytics Maps to any entity record form:

  1. Go to Setting → Customization → Entities → Entity Form. In this particular example, we will add detail map on opportunity entity. Please see the screenshot of the same:detail map on opportunity entity
  1. Select view pane where you would like to add detail map and click on web resource button under insert tab.web resource
  1. Add following html web resource:

For Detail Map: ikl_/Maplytics/Maplytics.DetailMap.html

For Heat Map: ikl_/Maplytics/Maplytics.HeatMap.html

For Individual Map: ikl_/Maplytics/Maplytics.IndividualMap.htmlWeb Resource Properties

  1. Fill all required fields like Name, Label (you can write any name or label you would like to see) and click on OK button.add maplytics map
  1. After adding web resource Save and Publish the customization. Open the opportunity entity record form to see the changes:opportunity entity record form

In this way, users can add Maplytics maps on any entity form to access information in Dynamics CRM.